• Ani Sinanaj

    Ani Sinanaj

    Enjoying Stockholm and Sweden ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช https://progress44.com

  • Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

    Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

    I develop games and apps. I write about books, technology and coding. Always learning. Very interested in cryptocurrencies & D Apps. https://bit.ly/3fiBqbI

  • Rahil Sarvaiya

    Rahil Sarvaiya

    Software Developer who loves fitness and reading. I write about the topics I wish I had more information on in the past.

  • Sean Kerr

    Sean Kerr

  • Orges Mihaj

    Orges Mihaj

    Computer science enthusiast.

  • Shelby Johnston

    Shelby Johnston

  • Daniel Spaude

    Daniel Spaude

  • Ashish Oli

    Ashish Oli

    A tech enthusiast who codes and make it more interesting. Love to read and write. Javascript | API's | code for fun and learn |

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